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Interesting stories and photographs of historical characters from the Old West and the Civil War.
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Tombstone by Tombstone Volume One

True stories of the real Old West...THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY. These are interesting stories of folks that you may or may not have heard of previously.

Captains of the Arizona Rangers

The three captains who organized and led the courageous and fighting Arizona Rangers as they rid the state of rustlers, outlaws and murderers in the early twentieth century.

Wild Women of the Wild West

This book contains non-fiction stories of some of the more colorful women that helped shape Old West. Included are Laura Bullion, girlfriend of the Wild Bunch; "Big Nose" Kate, girlfriend of Doc Holliday; Pearl Hart, the "Lady Bandit of Arizona," and others.

True Murder Stories in the Old West

True stories of senseless and unusual murders committed from Texas to Arizona and north to Washington state. Most are committed by unknowns to unknowns. Nate Champion is a well known victim and Josie Bassett is a well known perpetrator. Husbands kill wives and wives kill husbands

Tombstone by Tombstone Volume Two



More stories of the men and women who won the west. You will find some tales that are hard to believe, but historically true.

Strange Tales of the Old West

Read about a cannibal, a man who toured the country for 60 years after his death, a governor who went to his inauguration wearing shoes he made from the skin of he man he helped lynch, and a stagecoach driver with a twist that will shock you.

Indian Captives. Volume 1

Short stories of three women and one boy captured by different tribes of Indians. One was captured as a child and completely adapted to the Indian way of life.  One lady made a daring escape. The other woman and the boy were later slain by their captors.